Welcome to Nairu - A Candle Boutique

Nairu - A Candle Boutique, now delighting from two locations in Edison and Paramus, NJ, is your sanctuary for exquisite, handcrafted candles. Each candle, made from plant-based natural waxes and the finest essential oils, transforms any space into a haven of serenity and delight. Our creations are more than just light sources; they are designed to elevate your living space, enrich your meditation practice, and soothe your soul. With our roots in Edison and our presence expanding to Paramus, we continue our mission to spread light and fragrance. Join us in our journey to illuminate lives with the joy of natural, uplifting aromas, one candle at a time.


An exclusive look into the craftsmanship behind our candles.

Observe as each candle is individually hand-poured to ensure a bespoke and sophisticated encounter.