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HOMA Essence: Spiritual Soy-Beeswax Candle Inspired by Ancient Indian Rituals

HOMA Essence: Spiritual Soy-Beeswax Candle Inspired by Ancient Indian Rituals

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Product Description:

Experience the ethereal essence of 'होमा' (Homa) with our meticulously crafted HOMA Candle. Drawing inspiration from ancient traditions, this unique fragrance transports you to the sacred ceremonies of yesteryears, where "yajna" or "havan" were performed as offerings to the divine.

As the candle burns, it conjures the imagery of the sacred 'अग्नि' (agni) or fire, which has been revered for ages as a bridge between the mortal and the divine. In Hindu rituals, this dance of flames, coupled with fragrant offerings, was believed to dispel negative energies, ensuring purity and protection.

Each flicker of the HOMA Candle resonates with tales of protection and auspicious beginnings. It embodies the spiritual potency of the age-old ritual, promising not just a sensory delight, but a voyage into the mystic.

Designed with three cotton wicks for an even and fulfilling burn, this candle offers up to 60 hours of illuminating ambiance. Lighting the HOMA Candle transforms even the most ordinary spaces into sanctuaries of serenity. It serves as a guardian, purifying your surroundings and shielding them from negativity. As the aroma gently wafts through your space, it carries with it blessings of harmony, prosperity, and positive energy.


  • Fragrance: Inspired by Ancient Rituals of Homa
  • Material: All-natural Soy & Beeswax
  • Burn Time: Up to 60 Hours, with 3 Cotton Wicks
  • Packaging: Elegant Box with Detailed Descriptions

Journey back to the timeless traditions of India with the HOMA Candle. Ignite it to invite an atmosphere of divine connection, purity, and protection. Whether seeking solace, meditation, or simply a touch of ancient tradition in modern times, the HOMA Candle is your silent companion.

Please note: For the optimal burning experience and to retain the candle's spiritual potency, always trim the wick to about 1/4 inch before each lighting.

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